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  • rs of the People

    can the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us▓ on WechatCCTV NEWS Channel host Lily LyuCCTV NEW

  • 's Daily, Xi e

    S Channel host Lily LyuCCTV NEWS Cha▓nnel host Lily Lyu12-18-2014 16:34 BJTLily Lyu is an anchor and market e

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    ditor for BizAsia on CCTV-NEWS. She co-hosts the show weekdays at 4pm and 9pm Beijing time. She covers Asian stock marke

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    ts on a daily basis, talk to reporters and analysts in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New Delhi live on th

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    e show.She re-joined CCTV in 2011 ▓after years of experience in media and corporate, and combined those with

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    a passi▓on for business and financial news. She▓ used to work with the English news service of Shanghai Television, and in t

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She worked with multi-national firms and financial institutions, including BP China and Goldman Sachs, on government and media relations in China, consulting th▓em on messaging and crisis management.She has also worked as a column writer, r▓adio

ied out a hand-held video ▓live broadcasting device.Xi praised Xi

DJ and high school Englis▓h teacher.Lily received an MA in ▓International Public Relations from the School of Journalism, Cardiff University, UK▓, and holds a BA in International Journalism f▓rom China University of Commun▓ications.She loves reading,

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a multimedia news se▓rvice, saying Xinhua has ac

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    ravelling, has visited places from the Sahara desert in Africa to the one and only Antarctica. Travelling gr

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    ches he▓r personality, as she appreciates the ▓beauty of nature and respects different cultures a▓nd religions.

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    her better understands the mindsets mindsets behind social and economi▓c behaviours.Please scan the QR Code▓ t

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    InstagramPlease scan the Q▓R Code to follow us on WechatGuan Xin is a busines▓s news anchor & reporter for CC▓

  • TVNEWS.She s

    tarted her career as a field reporter for CCTVNEWS, covering a wide r▓ange of political and economic events i

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    ina and abroad, including G20 leaders' summit in St. Petersburg, China's NPC & CPPCC sessions, a▓nd 18th Nati

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    Congress ofCCTV NEWS Channel host Guan XinCCTV NEWS Channel host ▓Guan Xin12-18-2014 16:06 BJTGuan Xin is a bu

hieved great progresses.At the headquarters of CCTV,

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s news anchor & reporter for CCTVNEWS.She started her career as a field reporter for CCTVNEWS, covering a wide range of political and e